Monday, January 5, 2009


Last Friday my family and I went to Las Vegas! We had to get our stuff together and we took off. The drive there was pretty fun, thought we would arrive by 10 since thats what the navigation system said so but there were hella accidents by the "death valley", funny right? yeaah not really. So we arrived at 12 am hahah, crazy right? We had us booked at The Mandalay Bay, so purty. But anyways we were hungry so we had room service deliever us some really good food. How classy lol. The next day we woke up and got ready for our tour of the day. Had brunch at "The House ld of Blues". Food was pretty good. Then we went around this once fancy hotel, real nice, I cant believe I don't remember the name though. Malia wanted to ride the choo choo train so we rode the tram, the baby did not have a blast being in there. Went back to our room and got dressy. We went to the Fab Four show, they impersinated(sp) lol the Beatles, loved the begining! The end was okaay. Then my older sister took us out to a Brazillian Bar. It was like a buffet but people would have a stick of meat and ur suppose to take as much as u want. Malia pulled an embrassing act but its okaay shes still cute. After that we had Gellatttoooo. Verry yummy. Then me and mom and babe stayed behind while the rest gambled and drank. I guess my Dad is a pretty fun lol. The next day ate yani, dimi, and I rented a car to drive to the SD airport. It was a red chevy hatchback, cute but can't imagine us drving in it. The drive was fun. We arrived and had sushi. The waiter was amusing. After that we went to Westfield mall and shopped around. Didn't really buy anything. We had one hour till we had to go to the airport so we went to the Gasslamp? LOL i don't remeber. Had a cup of Pinkberry and went around till it was time to go. Got to the airport and waited about one hour and got on the plane. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I liked the purple lights in the plane. Then my sisters bf took us home and now I'm home in my comflyyyy bed!

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