Monday, May 11, 2009


Like I haven't like update in like so like long! hahaha.

I am currently studying for my Anatomy test on Wednesday. I'm really stressing out, I am studying soooo much yet I do not think it is paying off at all! All my attention has been to Anatomy because I really want to pass the class. My History and Math class I am doing pretty dandy! One more month and I am about to have summer..SCHOOL hahaha. Hoping to take 3 classes, maybe two, it depends on my mood.

My weekend was coooo. I spent my Friday afternoon with my honey. Then I went home just to rest and try to catch up on some hw. On Saturday, my parents dropped me off at Marina Square, looked around for a little bit then Farid came to pick me up and we went to BJ's Brewhouse. Waited like an hour. But it was worth it. The food was good and the dinner wasn't too expensive. We chilled for a bit and then I went home to sleep early for work. Sunday, it was Mother's Day. Didn't do much. Had dinner at home since my Mom wasn't feelin too good.

Today I had school. Went to my all my classes, just ddnt stay for the whole thing though haha. I had Sushi with Alvin and Chloe too. I spent 15 dollars on a side salad, misou soup, lion king and fried calamari. Not bad huh?

Life is stressing but I still love it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

George Washington ESSAY

Still finishing it!

Last weekend me and Farid went to Santa Cruz for some sight seeing and see my Boo. It was a fun day, it went by awfully quick though. Happy Five Years btw last week=)

Overall life is pretty okaay. It's either I am at school or working. Or maybe chillaxin at home or just out with my friends or boyfriend. Midterms is killing me. The scores I'm getting is not what I want so I'm really trying my hardest to do better and stay focus so I can make my family proud, and ofcourse myself too.

I'm currently in an emotional rollercoaster. One day I am happy the next I'm really sad. I really hate putting out my feelings on blast, but damn I'm in a low low feeling and it sucks=(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In total I took 3 exams=( I wouldn't say I totally failed but I'm guessing that I could probably have done better. My dedication to studying day and night before the exams needs to be much more if that is the way I would better my grades. Sigh, I just hope I did good, if not good OK, not a failure please please!

It's our ANNIV. today! 5 years to be exact. Have a GOOD DAY people who actually still uses blogspot!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Is already this Monday, wtf! Anyways my weekend is good. I went to the movies with to watch Adventureland with Farid. It wasn't that great but it was okay. I worked a full shift today! Money money money. I think I'm going to save up money to buy me a new camera and maybe a cute ipod. Have a good week everybody!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Once week wrap up?

Yeah I think I'm gonna start doing that because I really have no time. I'm suppose to take notes through the slides from Anatomy but I think I am gonna write about a blog about how my week went.

As from what I remember, I went to school in the morning. By 12 I was expecting Farid to come get me so we can watch Adventureland during my 6 hour break. But it didn't happen because something went on. Umm, I think I went to Subways with Alvin. Then we went to Mcdonalds for a sundae and then I think I went home and I took a nap then went back to Anatomy lecture. I always have fun in class with Maria. Took a quiz. Didn't do so well :( Then me and Alvin went home. I think we went to Quicklys for some froyos. I'm not so sure haha. Then I went home to watch the season premiere of the Hills. I loved it! Hahaha. I really don't like Heidi but guess what, I sorta felt sorry for her in the episode. Then I dozed off.

Tuesday was coool. Just worked my 8 hour shift, pretty much lol

Wednesday, I went to class. I was forreal sleepy. I had a lab that day so I went from 920 to 230 of class. In Anatomy were learning bones now haha. Me and Phaily were sooooo lost. Then after class I went to eat Panda. It's such a waste of money and it's not even that good. But I was desperate. Around 3, my boothang came to see me and we were at the Learning Commons looking at Myspaces and Facebooks haha for an hour. Then we went to the union to eat. We dugged into some things we have not talked about which caused a lot of hurt feelings. In the end it was fine. I walked him to his motorcyle. I felt cool kissing a guy a in a motorcyle gear LOL jk. Then I went to class for Anatomy lecture, took a quiz. I sweaar its sooo boring. After that I have no clue what I did, I think I just went home.

Thursday I worked 2-10. Nothing special hahah

Friday I went to school till 12. Then me and Alvin met up with his friend Riko at Ray's Sushi and had lunch. I ordered a spicy California roll, Its great I so reccomend it! Then I picked up my check from Target, did I mention it was a bossy check? So I was really happy! Then me and Alvin went to the Good Friday mass. It was hella long man, but I guess it was fine, it's once a year anyways. Afterwards I went to Linda's Nails by Chabot. I went in and those freaakin ladies were like kickin me out! Turned out they owned the other side too. I swear I could barely understand them, so I looked like a dumbass walking around. My nails took about 45 mins long. As I finished a homeless dude came in, he wanted a pedicure. Like scrubbing feet and colored toe nails. I was pretty weirded out. Once again I had a froyo from Quickly's, I love love love it. I went home after and no one was home. My Mom told me Babe and Jaina were watching the Hannah Montana movie so I tagged along. The movie place in Hayward is so cool, with a student id you pay 875 all day and all night. So I was pretty juiced with the new discovery. The movie was okaay and it was pretty funny. But the group of people watching the movie was even funnier. I guess you have to be there to like laugh lol. Went home, chilled and slept.

Saturday, I thought I was gonna work at 530 but they called me in at 2. So I took it and I worked 8 hours. I had no idea people really too the easter bunny and egg hunting seriously. Target was a mess and hella people were buying hella stuff. I've always believed Easter is about Jesus so that's why I was pretty surprised. Now I am home.

That's pretty much my week, pretty good huh? I sorta talked to someone I havent talked in a long time. I figured what the heck, why ignore? I forgot why I hated you in the first place. For the sake of Easter I will be nice and let go of grudges. Oh yeah I will start my diet plans and working out, exactly tomorrow. I figured as I do that I can read my notes from class.

Anyways, Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can't ever figure a good title, hm?

I barely go on this thing, probably because I really have no time. And Twitter is so much easier to do. But I still love my Blogspot though=)

School is pretty good. I'm a loner in my History class but it's all good because all I do there is write and write. My math class I have my dear Adnana. I love her! The teacher is really nice, if I skip class I'd feel bad. I love my Anatomy class! Hopefully I do real well in that class. Much better than Fall Quarter. So far I've received 5 and a half points. Sounds really bad but I will bring it up. In my Anatomy lab, we are doing metric conversions and wtf it's sooo hard. But yeah my school life is pretty awesome though.

My Social life is pretty cooo. I hung out with Christie on Friday to watch Fast and Furious, I always miss that girl. There are alot of other people I am intending to hang out with but our schedules never meet. Hopefully next Monday I can hang out with my friend Cynthia. I really love her. We text so much and she's always there for me when I'm down and I try to be there for her too as much as I can. Most of my weekends I've been hanging out with Farid. We argue hella much man, it's crazy. But honestly I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, if that makes sense.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brand New-Trey Songz

LOL he is so hott.

Anyways this is how my day went. I woke up really early to go with Alvin to Target to buy his Anti Virus software thing. Then he bought me a Whopper from Burger King for being sucha greaat friend for letting him use my 10 percent off discount=) I went to my History class and took hella notes the whole entire period. Prof. Baldwin writes really sloppy! Hahahah but overall he's pretty cool. After class I went to the bookstore to buy my Lab Manual for P&A. Then I didn't go to my Math class because I had to buy back hella other books. And then I went to lab. Met some new people that I would really benefit help from. After that class I got a call from Rachelle and she said she was at the campus so I met up with her. My sweetie pie texted me that he was going to swing by real quick. Aw, how sweet. So me, Rachelle, and Farid went to the Union and had lunch. The two were still hungry so we waited for Maria to get out of class to go to Hoagys in SL. Had some chzsteaks and went back to school. Rachelle came to class with me and Maria and she is heeelllarious! She walked me out early because I needed to get home already. i GOT home and set up my new spankin lap top. I'm still on it haha.