Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I don't know I'm so random because I have a lot of thoughts.

Goodmorning morons jk=) That's like my new favorite word haha. Anywhoo this morning I woke up thinking about a quote "If theres a will, theres a way". I use to hear em in those Filipino movies stated by Filipino mothers. I really like that quote, very inspiring. Anyways my Dad locked himself out of the house lol, kinna funny. But yeah I still haven't finished my essay. I'm not sure if the teacher is asking for an Annotated like the one I did in 803 English. I am getting sick. My plans on Friday may get interrupted, saadface=(

So much for chillaxin all the time. My teacher told me my paper needs a lot of help. We've been assigned to like papers about the style of speech that Presidents uses and stuff and I'm having a hard time. Esp. not having my own computer, having to share with 5 other people. ughhh. im pissed.

I noticed how I keep complaining about school and I don't really talk much about outside of school. Work life is good. Yesterday I went to work, I worked only 4 hours. That's small okaay? For my usual hours and I was sooo knocked out. I swear I was literally cashiering with my eyes closed. Also, I thank god for my "blessings" but wow old creepy men are being really rude and I am not liking that at all. Anyways theres a thing tmr for work but I don't think I will be able to go. I'm working a long shift and everybody is tryna get out of working, so no fun for me. No school for me on Friday! It's by choice. I will stay home and do hw haha. I'm gaining a lot of friendships and it's nice you know? I guess I lost in touch with some people in highschool but you know what they say "one door closes, 23098439048309 open" hahaha.

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