Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm gonna sound forreal materialistic but hey who isnt? I hope my tax money comes soon. I am in need to buy some new clothes, some mac make up, finally get my nails done, a dress for Ravi's Wedding Reception, and some new cute sandals for spring/summer.

Anyhow one of my closest guy friends Garrett Liang wrote an essay about moi. Here's some quotes I liked that I found:

"Beautiful, strong confident are the symptoms that come to mind when I think about my best friend Maria. She electrifies any conversation with her presents, because she always has the latest scoop on anything and everything"

"She is just a a simple cosmopolitan"

"She has a gift to uplift any one of her friends who are in need"

"With her confidence and motivational spirit, it is a given that she will become someone greater than what she already is now"

LOL I'm so vain but I really thought it was very sweet and inspiring.

I have the worse toothache. I can't wait for my next check up this week. I'm also still currently finish my 3234324 essay i gotta finish. AHHH kill me.

I'm an emotional wreck.

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