Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ravi's Wedding

That's today! I'll update with pictures and summary about it tmr=)

Anyhow, yesterday I went to school and worked on some hw and researched some more about the Ultra Sound Tech program. Sounds exciting! I had Subways tuna since no meat for Good Friday. I love Baskin Robin's strawberry cheesecake YUM! Around 530 Maureen picked me up and we went to get Lucy Love. I have the funnest with them. We went to Southland. I really don't like that mall that much but I was surprised to see a lot of stuff at Macy's and Forever. I was looking for a dress for today. I found 7 dresses in total. All were turtle necks. I found one that I really liked, very Lauren Conrad LOL. But it was too short. But Lucy found me one like it but a longer length. Good thing Maureen takes hella long to find stuff or else I wouldn't have found anything. Then we went to the Foodcourt, none of them served fish! So I had cheese on a stick? It was pretty good. We talked for a little bit. And the mall was about to close so we left and went home.

Nobody will ever understand me. I'm a puzzle. I can't even figure out myself LMAO.

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