Sunday, March 22, 2009

I haven't updated in so long!

Thursday: I worked all day

Friday: Garrett and Richard picked me up and we went to Garrett's house to wait for the other people. We waited for around an hour for everybody to come. LOL. Then on our way to SF we got lost so we got to the concert right at 6:30. Concert didn't start till 7:48. Passion performed first. He sings with PASSION haha. The rest were cool too. I really enjoyed the Wong Fu Productions. One of the guys were really cute! After the concert we ate at Denny's. I had a plate of hashbrown. YUM. 2nd night I had Denny's LOL. It was a FUN FRIDAY!

Saturday: My family and I went to the Ice Creamery in Castro Valley. Good Food. Then we went to Ross for a bit. After Ross I went to work. I had fun at work for some reason.

Sunday: I worked all day. I'm still hella tired and sleepy. I'm going to church with Alvin and Babe. I just wanna sleep:(

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