Sunday, March 29, 2009

My weekend

On Friday I went out with my Dad, Malia, and Aunts to the Cathedral in Oakland. Then I got ready and me and Christie went to Naked Fish and spent some money on food. I love the green tea cheesecake! We went to Target and spent money there for make up and school supplies. Today I spent my entire day at Manteca for my Uncle's 40th birthday. Then met up with Farid at Wingstreet. Had some nasty pizza and not so good curly fries. Garrett and Christie met up with us and chatted it up at Wingstreet. Then we went to target hoping to buy a bronzer but they were all hella expensive so might as well buy from MAC. My eye liner pastel thing smudges so I don't like it. But anyways ended up buying my Carbury chocolate. Went to Garretts house. Garrett played his guitar and Farid played video games. Then went home, now I'm trying to sleep.

Work tmr! It's the end of life=( hahaha

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