Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dude, last night I could not sleeep at all. Going to sleep for me is always a piece of cake but last night it was horrible. My tooth and gums were still hurting from yesterday when the dentist took out a chunk teeth. Advil did not help either it was still hurting. I wish I never had it taken out. So while I was up I was watching a lot of Romantic flicks on U-Verse. There were a lot. Very weird and sappy and some were just entirely sexual, ofcouse I changed the channel lol

Alvin's car's side mirror got somewhat crashed from an old man. Then he prayed for that old man to die. How scandalous hahah jk. So he picked me up in his "classy" SUV and we were late to class, well he was, I'm just here chillin at the VBT. I can't wait to have Cold Stone, since I can't eat nothing but Ice Cream. I mean I can eat normal food but my gums hurt still. POOOOOR MEEE. I even caught myself crying because it hurts so much, whaattta cry baby right?! hahaha

Alright PEACE OUT!

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