Monday, May 11, 2009


Like I haven't like update in like so like long! hahaha.

I am currently studying for my Anatomy test on Wednesday. I'm really stressing out, I am studying soooo much yet I do not think it is paying off at all! All my attention has been to Anatomy because I really want to pass the class. My History and Math class I am doing pretty dandy! One more month and I am about to have summer..SCHOOL hahaha. Hoping to take 3 classes, maybe two, it depends on my mood.

My weekend was coooo. I spent my Friday afternoon with my honey. Then I went home just to rest and try to catch up on some hw. On Saturday, my parents dropped me off at Marina Square, looked around for a little bit then Farid came to pick me up and we went to BJ's Brewhouse. Waited like an hour. But it was worth it. The food was good and the dinner wasn't too expensive. We chilled for a bit and then I went home to sleep early for work. Sunday, it was Mother's Day. Didn't do much. Had dinner at home since my Mom wasn't feelin too good.

Today I had school. Went to my all my classes, just ddnt stay for the whole thing though haha. I had Sushi with Alvin and Chloe too. I spent 15 dollars on a side salad, misou soup, lion king and fried calamari. Not bad huh?

Life is stressing but I still love it!

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