Saturday, December 20, 2008


As you know I worked from 12 to 445. That shift is sooo long and soooo boring. I always get yelled at lol! After that me and Christie went to New Park. My gut was telling me I should deposit my check at the nearest wamu but I dont know kinna assumed they would have wamu. Me and Christie looked for a wamu for one hour! can u believe it? It was ridiculous! I saw her sweating of how much work it is to find a bank! It was getting dark too so it was even harder to find a wamu bank. So yea after an hour we found once..put my check in and got some money out. TOOO hungry so we ate. Christie has Subways, I had burger king. So we looked around. Bought the stuff we needed. I bought a really cute Disney Princess Christmas wrapping paper=) I love it.

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