Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Our Anniversary

MONDAY! and I am off! woohooo. so much time for chill time and read. i love reading i feel ten times smarter. But anyways this week i hope i get all my borrowed OTH seasons. Then I can watch it this week if not watch it on our trip to vegas in less than 2 weeks! My cousins are coming from the Philippines too, whom I havent seen in like 5 years! But yeah my day was very uneventful. I woke up at the right time 6:45 am. Shower, did my hair, makeupless, got dressed etc. Drove to work. Hella ppl stood in line I guess they had the WII console or whatever fit or whatever lol. So clocked in and started cashiering. People after people. It was insanity at TARGET. I really hate those rude customers. But yeah covered fitting room for Sashies lunch. I hate making announcements out loud. Calls were coming in and out on both phones it was crazy. Supervisor didnt give me my last break..supposedly I never suppose to get any break on my Sunday schedule oh well. So then went home. It was pouring rain. Felt like a good time to sleep, but I didn't because I was rewrapping my presents. Chilled for awhile. Then got ready for church. My blow dryer broke, good thing I had a new one;) Boring blog.

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