Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is Alvin's birthday. Happy 20th birthday! Your as old as me now lol. So anyways I took my finals today. Can you believe it I went to class with the wrong blue book so I was late to my class for finals and fuckin bookstores door was like being repaired so I had to go all the way around just to buy a 25 cent book with 5 pieces of paper! How raunchy is that? And then the lines were hella long as well. And then I went back to class and fucck I had a blue book but not a brown scantron. So I had to go back, luckily there was a vending machine. BUT the freakkin vending machine ran out of the brwon scantron. Someone vandalized the glass so u can see nothing, finally I was able to get my scantron YAY! I took my test. It was pretty okaay but I felt pretty clueless of what the hell I was doing so hopefully I did fine. After that I went home. Had an Espresso Truffle from Starbucks. Now I am home, deciding what to wear tonight. I'm also realizing how Christmas is so around the corner. I need to work more so I can complete my Christmas shopping. My dads bringing up our Christmas tree tonight. Our ornaments sucks, we need new ones. But yeah I'm so off topic, so tonight I'm going to BJ's in Newark for Alvin's birthday with his friends and himself. THE ENND.

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