Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Birthday

Actually, it's December haaa. So anyways I have missed these blogging stuff so I thought I make one. My November has been nothing but stress and good times. I celebrated my birthday with everybody I loveee. Afterschool on the 26th of November (GAREBEARS 19th) Alvin and Chloe took me to lunch at Olive Garden. It was yummy. Cold Stone too. Alvin bought me a scarf and a cute purse as well. lol. In the evening my parents and my sisters and my Tita Mimi went to Sushi House for some good ass sushi. Had my LION KING ofcourse. We went home and I went on my lap top my parents bought me for my 20th birthday. FINALLY RIGHT? So anyways when clock hitted 12 I got a text from my birthday twin GARRETT! I was upset with my FARID because he was texting me at 12 but didn't say a word. But yeah like always he made my day hahaha. So the next morning I woke up and my sisters and I got all pretty up for church at the Cathedral in Oakland. It was really prettty, much prettier in the day time along with Lake Merritt's view. Sigh, I live for views. So after mass, typical MCDONALDS asks for Malia aka as "DO-don" and yeahh had lunch there. Went home and watch THIS CHRISTMAS for the fourth time. I'm such a fanatic. So anyways we all got ready again for our "THANKSGIVING DINNER" with the family. Pretty much ate the whole thing. My Mom bought me a lovely cake (inside and out). It was nice yet embarassing lol. So then chilled with my cousing for a bit. My Farid the greatest bf ever picked me up in his sexy leather jacket and oh yeah his car too. So we went to the new theathres at Hayward and watched "Twilight". SLHS security was there too, and he sat right behind us like we were in high school lol. But anyways the movie was okaay. I'm really not into the whole vampire romance kinna thing. Edward Cullen was pretty cute and Farid was digging the girl cuz she had a big nose lol jk=) So then after the movie my boo took me home so I can sleep cuz it was BLACK FRIDAY! theee end. I'm 20 years old.

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