Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday FUN yeaaaaaaaaah!

It is 30 mins before Wednesday so I thought to wrap up my day in my daily blog. Woke up at 10:30. Got ready to go see my boo. We hung out and did errands with him. Met a crazy lady. I hate being noticed by people I don't know it makes me feel awkward! But anyways after that we went to Taco Bell. Ordered the usual. Had lunch and we went straight to Starbucks at Bayfair. Had a good conversation with him. Then we went to his casa and chilled for a bit. After that we went to Target cuz I was scheduled to work at 4. We took a look at the ipods. I really want a touch. But I'm sure I can wait later on. So then said bye to my boo and I worked. When I mean worked I mean forreal! Target was packed! For two hours straight I had a cart full to cashier! It was crazy! Took my break buying my sister what she told me to buy, (Yes I did buy it Ate Yani Ill give ya the receipt lol). And had to return it cuz the doll was singing like a Chipmunk and swapped it with a better one. So after that I worked an hour more of cashiering and went to the fitting room to cover my boo Sasha's lunch. I was soooo juiced cuz I was about to head home already in less than an hour. Like the front..fitting room was busy. So many calls and so many people coming in and out. Had a discusion about school with our TPS Matt n finally I was ready to go woohoo. My dad came to pick me up and I didn't feel like driving cuz I felt like I worked alll day long. Got home and had Tuesday Popeyes and got on the lap top and made my dad more of his cds. My dad has good taste in music btw. So that's my night so far!

Christmas is almost here! New years too! How exciting! And my family trip tooo!