Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today is Sunday now....some chaos happenin right now. AHHH i need to get out. But before all this....This morning I woke up at 11:30 aM. Sleeping in status lol. So yeaah just went on the lap top the whole entire day. At three i hopped in the shower and got ready for work. 3 hours early since after the errands with my Dad then straigh to work. Work was ayt. I got yelled at by one of the managers. OH well. Collected me some hours for the week so by the time my trip to Vegas happens I'll have plenty plenty of moneey! After work my booooooyfriend Farid picked me up from work and we headed to In and Out in San Leandro. Ordered sat down on a booth that was probably not the best booth ever to sit on..probably just that night. As we were eating our dinner...this one guy comes up to one guy..I wasn't noticing cuz I was too focused on other things. Next thing you know u have one guy beating the other guys ass. Our fries shooting out from all direction. I was just watching Farid's reaction. Lost my apetite a bit from all the chaos that was happening. But we managed to finish dinner. San Leandro is soooooo wow. Then Chilled at a park then he dropped me off and now I am home...not happy to be here. I'll update later today.

REALIZATION: Not to put anybody on the spot or anything but I notice a lot of people act/talk like they haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate being talked about, BUT REALLY, that's all they ever wanted. hahaha

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