Monday, December 29, 2008

Wrap up

Pretty purse I saw at Macy's!Helllo friends. Today is December 29, 2008=) Let's see, yesterday I worked from 8-3. I had only 2 hours of sleep, not because I stayed out the previous night, I actually came home early enough to sleep. I actually stayed up to finish season one of OTH. I'm such a loser lol. So yeah I worked and after hung out with Farid. Picked up his lil brother and went to Sushi House along with Christie, Theresa and Garebear. Had dinner. I had cramps. It was not fun. And everyone was making jokes but I couldn't cuz I didn't feel good. So yeah went home chilled and slept. Next day, which is today I went to Stoneridge with Maureen. It was fun. She bought her Abercrombie pull over and a cute tan/gold jacket from h&m. Then we went to F21 and I bought my black leather jacket with a hood and other cute stuff. It was meant to be because the lady that works there was putting it away and it was the only one left and it was a medium so i bought it=) Had Chinese Food and we went home. We chilled for a bit and I burnt Maureen a copy of Sasha Fierce, very good cd minus the Single Ladies track. She went home and I came by a thought that I should start packing for Friday, but I realized my laundry wasn't done so finished that. And now I'm home blogging, gonna start on season 2.

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