Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today, technically yesterday was pretty good. Woke up watched more OTH and spent time with Farid. Was suppose to get my nails done with Maureen but something happened so yeah we went to Carl's Jr to have lunchish/dinerish. Then he dropped me off to work. Work was real good. It went by so quickly plus we are back in the normal schedule so lifes better now=) And then Dimi picked me up. I got ready to hang out with some people. Me and Farid went to Shooters and saw many wonderful familiar faces. Chopped it up with Amy. Met Matt B's girlfriend who is super nice. After that me and Farid left to go to In n out. Garrett and Farid were having a dance off with the gangsters driving in the car in front of us, so funny. So yeah ordered. Told Farid that, that was the Tahitian dancer at Natty's debut working at In n Out, he didn't believe me till we were near the window. We left to go to Angelo's house. It was more of a gathering than anything else. People were drinking and smoking, something very new to me, which will always be lol. I got sleepy so he took me home. Almost had a heart attack, I hate you Babe! Now I am home.

Self-realization: It's hard to forget the past and I'm afraid to hop on that boat fearing it'll happen again.

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