Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yucky day

So anways today I woke up and had breakfast. Dad only cooked boiled egg and I don't really like that so I had to oven me some yummy sausage. My Dad dropped me off at Target. I went to Starbucks and waited for Farid to pick me up. I ordered a tall caramel machiatto with extra caramel. And then Farid picked me up with a customer he drives around for errands and such. So basically watched my bby worked as I sit in the car lol. Then we went to his house and I watched him update his blogspot. Chilled for a bit and left to pick another person up. And so on. After that we went to Makiyaki. Haven't had sushi since my birthday. Turned out his friend was the waitress there too. So yeah, he ordered a bento box and I had my lion king. It was yummy. After that we went back to his house to switch cars. Wahid was at home fixing his motorcycle and Farid was looking over it as well. As impatient as I am I was slightly pissed cuz I was in the car for so long. So after that I needed to pee...checked Maui Wowie or is closed down. Went to the Mexican restaurant to pee and Farid ordered a cheesecake. Stayed there for 30 mins and then we went to Oyster Bay and had an awful time. I swear to god I hate arguing but I also hate when silence occurs, it pisses me off. I'm still pissed off. But yeah went to Oakland to pick up my Mom. And now I am home sweet home. I'm tired. I need a week off of life and just stay in my room and become a slug. ugh..

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