Friday, December 12, 2008

So I woke up pissed

Yeah, read my title. But whatever it's not gonna ruin my day sir. I don't need any bs running through my mind. So anyways today I woke up at 10 am. Malia woke me up basically. Waiting for my Dad to come home so I can do exactly whatever I want. I plan to get a mani/pedi today. Pamper up for the HOLIDAY SEASONS! I haven't completed my Christmas shopping just yet. But at least Ihave in mind what I'm going to buy right right right? well okaay Ima edit this sh/t laterrr.

In the afternoon I went for a stroll at Southland, not my favorite mall but its okaaay. Went home and my Dad took me with him and Malia to Mcdonalds. Their burgers get smaller and smaller each time. So yeah chilled there. Discussed some awkward conversations with my older sister and Dad. On Jan 2-4 my family and I are going on a family trip. SAUCY indeed. We might go to Vegas. But yeah we discussed that there. Taking a plane back before winter quarter starts. My mom and older sis is fussing over the whole arrangement...hopefully they solve everything before it comes. So yeah we picked up my Mom and went home. I made my Dad a cd. How nice of me right? And it actually worked in the car so everybody happy! Till tomorrow folks!

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