Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

I am currently at the school library waiting for Alvin to get out of class and maybe share some ideas to my blogger friends! School sucks man, how many more years do I have to suffer? JK. Anyways, I've been kind of considering taking one of them 18 months program thing at some school while I'm finishing my courses here at East Bay. Maybe Ultra Sound Tech and then do my Nursing or Dietetics shit. Oh I don't know, I get worried thinking about my future but excited at the same time if that makes any sense?

Anyways, I like what I'm wearing today HAHA. So cute! JK sorta? But yeah I am going to church at 12 pm and get my Ash and I think Alvin is gonna take me out to lunch. No meat today but I sneakily had a lumpia this morning. I forget, MY BAD. Plus I felt a bit lightheaded this morning. Peace out.

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