Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I hate this week so much. I really don't feel good physically and emotionally. UGH.

This morning my Daddyo woke me up at freakin 8! That's earlier than usual for me. I know lazy ass right? But yeah I had to come with him to run errands because the lil munchkin Malia didn't wanna stay home. Damn I need more sleep. My bad though, I stayed up watching The Pursuit of Happiness. It was real sad but I loved the ending. Cute kid too. So anyways yeah this morning we went to Kinkos for some paper work stuff my Dad needed to make copies of and we went to Jack In the Box. Kinda made me a combination of SAD and MAD because last time I went to THAT Jack In the Box was with YOU. Anyhow, my Dad went to the Tennis Courts ya know see his homies. He left the engine on dude, and we lost battery! So Dimi had to come and get us! And now I am home making plans, SIKE. I'm probably gonna nap till I go to work later today.

OH yeah I had a funny experience at school yesterday. I was typing my paper at the Learning Commons and there were two Filipino guys behind me and I don't think they noticed I was there or if knew I understood Tagalog, but tell me why guy #1 was telling guy #2 about this girl he's talking to for 4 months and he's not getting any, then he claps his hands! wtf!? hahaha I was hella laughing. Guy #1 says I really like her but 4 months man! HAHAHA. Guys are so GUYS! Just thought to share:)

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Deanise Marian said...

I'm on itttt :(. I feel yaaa!