Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dimi Shimmy!

Right now I am officially missing out on "Happy Hour" at Cheesecake Factory. Hopefuly Ate Yani you are too because I would really feel bad even more haha.

So today, I woke up intending to work on some stuff but I failed because I ended up going to sleep some more. I got up and showered at 9:00 and got ready for school. Alvin picked me up and we went to Jollibee before class started. Good food, I just hate garlic and rice together yucck. So I finally went to my Math class. I stayed for about a good 57 mins, so it wasn't so bad. Then I went to my jogging/aerobic class. We stretched and I realized I have not exerecised in a very very very long time. I was burning like hell. We ran around the gym and I was still burning haha. After that class I went to the Learning Common's and worked on my paper. Saw Raenel and Noel for a bit. I was feeling hungry so I went to buy a side of Chow Mein for like 2.50. A mad and hungry man got mad at me cuz i hella cut in line haha OH WELL. After that I went to my English class and just edited papers. Gosh, that class is boring. Guess what? I have another essay to work on LAME. But luckily I don't have class all week next week, just a short meeting with Mr. Bentley. His name is tight, I like. I am currently at the Learning Commons waiting for my family to have their "Happy Hour":(

Recap of my WEEKEND:

Friday: On Friday I just went to school and had lunch with Alvin. After that Maureen picked me up round 6 and we picked up Lucy. We went to Target to look for some Jeans and maybe Snowpants for my weekend. Some creepy perves kept surrounding us, eeeyuck. No Snowpants or jeans. Maureen bought a cute purse and a cute belt and then we were off to see "He's Just Not that Into You". Met up with Marjuel and her BOO. We stood in line for a good hour. Saw the movie. Very DEPPRESSING! Very FUNNY! Scarlett Johansen is one hot mama. haha. The the movie was over. My friends are like your friends, but funnier, REAL TALK.

Saturday: I had no idea we were leaving early, so I was really not prepared at all. So I went to Reno looking too HURT. Ya noo red CSUEB sweater and some SLHS p.e sweats hahaha. I sat in the front so my Daddyoooo kept asking me awkward questions and sht/t but other than that the ride there was fun. Our first stop was tubing. Babe and Dimi were no fun. Me, Malsy, and Ate Yani went tubing for a lil bit in a small hill. Malsy is super cute.
Then we went to eat Sushi. Looked good huh? It was, but I had way too much and I don't think I will be having sushi for a very long time hahah.

Then we checked in at Peppermill and we relaxed at the room. Got ready to go out. My sister dolled me a lil bit haha. I hella wanna learn Cosmotology. Then we had dinner at our usual spot at Reno. Then went back to the hotel. Parents and Ate Yani gambled. Me, Dimi, Malsy and Babe just chilled at the hotel. I was bored hahaha. Went to SlEEP.

Sunday: Woke up at 8:45. Showered and left Peppermill. We went to Church and we headed back. We went to Vacaville outlets. We went to Coach and my Mom bought a purse. Then headed back to San Leandro in the bad bad weather.

ONE TREE HILL tonyt! I have a lot of work hours for the next 2 weeks....

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Mari Dani said...

i still want me some lion king LOL