Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Too many people post pictures of hella good food on their blogs. Makes me so hungry:(

I want a new cute camera, so I can take pictures an put it up on my blogspot. Take pictures of food too hahaha

One Tree Hill is slacking. I love this photo from Season 1.

I am currently waiting to go shower an get ready for work. I'm so stupid, I always have timings when I do things, maybe that's why I always get left behind on my work. But anyways I will be working alot this week. Next week too, but I gotta find someone to work for me on Thursday. And maybe on Tuesday try to come in later than my real time because I have a very very important business to take care of. Oh and no need of in denial, I hate having a constant ups and downs. Kill me now, twice pls LMAO.

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Mari Dani said...

do you read my food blog?