Friday, February 6, 2009


It's finally Friday. My week was hectic with homework. Where is my social life? jk. I stayed up till 2 am in the morning with a fat headache, no idea why but yeah. I'm currently at the Vanilla Building also known as the VBT waiting to go to my Math class that I haven't gone to in like a week, OOPS. It's cool though, I think I'm getting smarter in Math day by day I don't see that sarcastic/obnoxious(sp) teacher, but today I'm going because I have a stack to turn in. Anyhow TGIF! I got major plans:

-Go to my one and only class
-Have lunch with Alvin and his possy lol.
-Go on Blackbaord to do my Recreational Projecto
-Maureen and moi will go to Target, get some jeans.
-Meet with errrybody around 7.

I'm going away this weekend for Danna Mari's 22nd birthday, how old. Catch me later.

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