Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Thursday Morning

Oh my god, It's Thursday morning and I have a lot of homework to do. I pretty much woke up with some funny text messages from Cynthia. I love that girl. I was intending to catch some Sushi with Shermaay and have a girl talk but I don't know whats going on anymore, sadnesss. Anyways I'll update later when something actually happened throughout my day.

[edit 6:35 PM]
Well what do you know, word actually travels faster than you think. You meet a person and you become close. You trust them with all your deepest darkest secret because you have a kind heart and believe in that person. What happens when that person betray you? All the trust is gone and anger builds up and you regret meeting that person, right? And from the start you believe that this so called "friend" is a good worthy friend, but they turn out to be a nincompoop. Well my friend just remember "Not everyone fits to be a part of my life" so keep it real and don't stick around if I'm not pleasing you.

No time to sugarcoat anything, but my day SUCKED. Tomorrow will be MOSDEF be better since I'm actually gonna have time to chill.

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