Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I cut my bangs last night. It looks pretty okaay. My Mom thought I got it done at the salon I got my hair layered. I've always dreamed about being a hair dresser. But it's called a dream, it's not something I wanna do forreal.

Well my day started out pretty simple. I went to the Dentist to get my gums checked. It was the shortest appointment I ever had. Then me and my parents and Malia went to Dairy Belle and Trader Joes. Then I went home and got on my focus mode and started on my 2 hour Final exam for Recreation. I actually spent 45 mins on it. Maybe that's why I got the grade I got haha. Oh well. So after the 45 mins of examining, it is officially Spring Break for me yayayayay! Then a new quarter starts. My schedule sucks ass. 9:20 am to 7:50 pm on Mon and Wed. But my Fridays should be okaay!

I want change, so I am doing something. I don't care if it hurts.

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Mari Dani said...

where's the bangs picture?