Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, New Episode.

AHHH FINALLLY!! I've been waiting for like maybe over a month for this day? haha. super juiced.

This is how my day went: I woke up at 9:45 am. Showered and got ready for school. Went on the Computer lab to work on some On-line Recreation stuff. After that me and Alvin ate at Arbys. I love those potato bites. Then he took me home. My dad and Malia was leaving to pick up Babe so I went with them because I was probably going to do nothing anyways. We went to Oakland and picked up my Mom then they dropped us off home (Me and Babe). Did nothing. Pretty much just chilled. I've been aiming to read a couple of chapters tonight so when I take my final online tmr at 3 I would be prepared. I'm feeling pretty secure because it's an open book final but I probably shouldn't act like that, who knows I could bomb it!

Anyways, it's funny when people think your doing something, but really your doing something even more that they are assuming. HA. Till tmr=)

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