Monday, March 9, 2009


I am so lagging on this! 2 days! Whatta record for me! LOL. Anyways my recap for the weekend? Hm. Well on Staurday I just worked. Work is so fun. I enjoy the people I work with. Sunday morning I worked again also. FUN FUN FUN hahah. Alvin picked me up since my parents were in Oakland. I went home got my Forever 21 return and got the receipt. Once we got to Southland I realized I left the receipt in my other purse. The glory of switching purses right? hahah. So we went to Fremont and ate at this Japanese Restaurant. We had a Raymund Sushi roll which is similar to Lion King and Deep Fried California roll. Good stuff right? The waitress gave us a stamp card. If we buy 10 worth 9.95 rolls we get one free. I thought about it, I was like, damn that's spending 100 dollars on Sushi and getting one free Sushi, so I thought it was pretty stupid. We went to church and Baskin Robins and I went home. Finished my essay for Recreation.

I felt rebellious again! lol

Malsy is soooooooooo CUUTE. She's turning 3 you guys on Sunday=)

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Mari Dani said...

isn't she adorable!