Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brand New-Trey Songz

LOL he is so hott.

Anyways this is how my day went. I woke up really early to go with Alvin to Target to buy his Anti Virus software thing. Then he bought me a Whopper from Burger King for being sucha greaat friend for letting him use my 10 percent off discount=) I went to my History class and took hella notes the whole entire period. Prof. Baldwin writes really sloppy! Hahahah but overall he's pretty cool. After class I went to the bookstore to buy my Lab Manual for P&A. Then I didn't go to my Math class because I had to buy back hella other books. And then I went to lab. Met some new people that I would really benefit help from. After that class I got a call from Rachelle and she said she was at the campus so I met up with her. My sweetie pie texted me that he was going to swing by real quick. Aw, how sweet. So me, Rachelle, and Farid went to the Union and had lunch. The two were still hungry so we waited for Maria to get out of class to go to Hoagys in SL. Had some chzsteaks and went back to school. Rachelle came to class with me and Maria and she is heeelllarious! She walked me out early because I needed to get home already. i GOT home and set up my new spankin lap top. I'm still on it haha.

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