Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can't ever figure a good title, hm?

I barely go on this thing, probably because I really have no time. And Twitter is so much easier to do. But I still love my Blogspot though=)

School is pretty good. I'm a loner in my History class but it's all good because all I do there is write and write. My math class I have my dear Adnana. I love her! The teacher is really nice, if I skip class I'd feel bad. I love my Anatomy class! Hopefully I do real well in that class. Much better than Fall Quarter. So far I've received 5 and a half points. Sounds really bad but I will bring it up. In my Anatomy lab, we are doing metric conversions and wtf it's sooo hard. But yeah my school life is pretty awesome though.

My Social life is pretty cooo. I hung out with Christie on Friday to watch Fast and Furious, I always miss that girl. There are alot of other people I am intending to hang out with but our schedules never meet. Hopefully next Monday I can hang out with my friend Cynthia. I really love her. We text so much and she's always there for me when I'm down and I try to be there for her too as much as I can. Most of my weekends I've been hanging out with Farid. We argue hella much man, it's crazy. But honestly I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, if that makes sense.

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