Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Days before Christmas

My day was pretty okaay. Woke up and spent time with Malia and my Father dearest. At 8 ish we went to Wal Mart to pick up the Holiday Greeting cards that I made for my Mom. What a shame I spent all my time making and she doesn't like it, so she said I was being rude to her and giving her attitude when all I wanted was a little bit of appreciation feel me? But yeah after getting butt hurt over that the brat wanted some Mcdonalds..I dont like going to the one inside Wal-Mart so much people from Highschool works there..and I get really awkward and shy so I convinced the lil brat to go to a nicer one. So yeah my Dad did something REEEAAAAALYY funny hahaha not gonna put out the details but yeaah. Ended up having to leave that Mcdonalds and went to the East 14th one. That lady in the cash register was being mean to my Mom. I get soooo mad when people are mean to people I love. My mom said I was madder than she was haha. I love so hard lol. After that we went to Target. I bought my Christmas dress. It's blue and I like it. Babe and Ate Yani met up with us at the Bayfair Target. Then went to Wingstop to order while parents and baby were in the car. It was nice being with my sisters. Dimi is hardly ever around so it kind of sucks so you know how that works. We added 299 to have 5 extra wings and they ddnt add it. The dude that works there I know for sure works at went to SL...he might have been in the Football team. So yeah we left came home. Now I'm making my Dad one of his miilions of cds again. GOODNIGHT!

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Mari said...

yeah its nice that we can just all sit down and talk now =) can't wait till vegas! hopefully we all don't fight hahahaha