Monday, February 23, 2009


working yet again another paper. And I thought this class was hella chill, uhm hella not! Anyways I don't like my nose, I want a cute nose RANDOM! So I thought about what I am giving up for lent and here are some: Less spending and more saving, no rice (Sushi is an exception) and umm that's what I have so far, maybe more later! I'm so funny:)

My family had dinner at Carrows at Castro Valley. We went home and I couldn't find my Blackjack! And we called the place and they said they did not find it! I was ready to cry. I lost too many things already, haha im so shallow. But me and Daddyo came back home and I looked in between the couches, then BAM Blackjack was there, I was sooo juiced.

Right now I am waiting to see if there is a OTH episode, a spankin new one ofcourse. I'm gonna start on my paper too then do my usual watching video countdowns till I sleep. I prolly watched "Mad" by Ne-yo like 230820 times already.

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