Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hey folks. Today is wed. and it has been more productive than yesterday lol. This morning I woke up and got ready. I have so much hair, it takes hella long to make it the way I want it. At 10:40 I hung out with my friend as I finished typing up my paper at the VBT since the fkn library was packed. Man too many people take up the computer just to go on fkn myspace and facebook, what about our education? hahah. Then my friend left to go sleep. So I was loner status for like 30 mins. Alvin called me and said he wasn't gonna go to class and since I didn't finish my math homework just yet, I went with him and James to that frozen yogurt place downtown Hayward. I like Pinkberry better. It was a cute building. Pink walls, mirrors everywhere, funky white couches, and really loud music. It was like a serve your own type a thing. Then you scale it. So we hung out there for a little bit and I was still hungry, so was James. So we went to Naked Fish, even if Alvin doesn't think it's not "classy" enough for him. We sat down and ate. I ordered a sunny california roll, very YUMMMY. Yeah had lunch and a few laughs. Then James brought me and Alvin back to school. Jogging was yet again cancelled so me and Alvin hung out at the library and went on myspace haha. Now I'm home because I'm feeling tired and I need rest before work at six today. Me and my friends are watching that boo turned into movie on Friday, have some laughs to ourselves!

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